Road Glide National Rally Presentation and Voting Protocol

 As a member/attendee of the Road Glide National Rally, any member can present a rally destination. The Board of Directors have set the following procedures.



Presentation Deadline Date

1. The deadline to submit your intent to present at the National Rally is the Monday prior to the check-in date.

2. If a destination presentation was not submitted by midnight of the above deadline, the Board of Directors can approve a request to submit as long as they have the presentation to review by the Monday check-in date.

3. If the initial deadline was missed, the Road Glide National Rally Board of Directors can vote to accept the presentation but the voting for the late presentation will be by write-in only.

NOTE: Ballots are printed prior to the Road Glide National Rally


Presentation Guidelines

1. Please provide a digital copy of your presentation on a storage fob. A digital online backup is recommended as well.

2. The presentation will need to include the following:

  1. Destination 
  2. Hotel
  3. Key points of interest
  4. Any other information to help the group decide on that destination.


Voting Procedure

1. A ballot will be presented to each attendee during the presentations listing each destination.

2. Each person present at the presentations will be able to vote for a destination.

3. Votes must be deposited in the designated ballot box


Tabulation of Ballots

1. The board of directors will designate a group of individuals in addition to themselves and the current RGNR host to tabulate the results.

2. Each vote must correspond with a name on the event check-in list in order to be included as part of the vote total.

3. The presentation group with the highest number of votes, wins.


NOTE: Results will be kept confidential until the announcement is made by the RGNR BOD.