The Janine Hoskins Spirit Award  -  Live Like Janine

 The Road Glide National Rally family lost long time member, Janine Hoskins, in August of 2019. She became a dear member of our family when she joined the Gypsy Tour in 2013, she and her partner Darrell Adams joined us as we ventured along Rt 66 to St George Utah, the site of Sharkweek III.  She immediately demonstrated her love of photography, a keen eye to capture a moment, and the ability to tell a story through her images.  Quickly she and Darrell became integral members of our group.

Janine lived life with a joy and spirit that we all can only wish to possess.  Although she is no longer with us, her spirit and love for life continues to inspire all of us who knew her.  

With that in mind the members of the Road Glide National Rally have decided to honor Janine beginning with the 2020 Road Glide National Rally by developing an annual spirit award in her name.  The spirit award will be awarded each year to recognize an individual in our group who lives their life with passion and demonstrates a commitment to a particular cause, subject or effort.  This passion and commitment does not necessarily need to be related to the Road Glide National Rally or even motorcycles, but such involvement can, of course, be considered.

We hope that the Janine Hoskins tribute video by Ron Cushing  helps those who did not have the good fortune to meet her understand what she and the award are all about.