RGNR 2024

  Emergency Response Team


The RGNR Emergency Response Team will respond to crisis or a medical situations that involve our members.  If possible and depending on the location, ERT members will attempt to get on site.   If this is not possible, they will phone/video conference with those involved.  Once alerted, ERT members will contact our board and the 2023 RGNR host listed below.

IMPORTANT:  Once the situation is assessed by the ERT, the emergency contact of the involved attendee(s) will be notified.  Please make certain you have accurate emergency contact information on file.

LINK:  St George Area Hospitals 

In the event of a situation, please contact one of members listed below.  

Emergency Response Team
     Richard Pittman

     Donna Spence
     Tim Marshburn

RGNR:  St George, UT Host
    Troy Belliston
    Troy Duncan

Road Glide National Rally Non Profit Board
     Troy Belliston
     Chris Hutter

     Ron Cushing
     Tracy Basham
     Richard Pittman