The Kenny Johnson Memorial Goodwill Ambassador Award - Embrace Life, Spread Joy, Smile Often...  Be Like Kenny   


The Kenny Johnson Memorial Award was established in April of 2023.  It was established to recognize the contributions Kenny made to our group, to honor him and to keep his memory alive.  The award criteria is rather simple, we hope to recognize those of our group who display Kenny's strongest traits:  embracing life, spreading joy and smiling often.  In April of 2023 the RGNR Board of Directors approved the purchase of one hundred medallions to be given as awards to deserving individuals who exhibit the traits that so defined Kenny. 

Recipients of this award will be selected and voted upon by the members of the RGNR Board of Directors.  This award can be bestowed at anytime. Members can make recommendations to any of the board members to consider an individual if you feel that there is someone who is deserving of this recognition.   

Each award is sequentially numbered, with the number engraved on the edge.  The first two of the medallions, 001 and 002 were presented to Kenny's wife and his father.