The Janine Hoskins Spirit Award - Live Like Janine

Spirit Award Committee Guidelines

Committee Chairperson - Each year, the Road Glide National Rally will form a Spirit Award Committee.  The Board of Directors will name a chairperson. The members of the committee will be requested to serve by the chairperson of the committee.  

Time Frame - Ideally, the committee should be formed with a reasonable amount of time allowed before the national rally so the review of the nominations and the decision can be made in an efficient manner.

NOTE:  Ideally, membership of the committee should be different each year.  A carry over of a member or two would be preferred so as to help the other members with the process.

Committee Size - The total members on the committee shall not be less than five and no more than nine including the chairperson in this count.  The number will be determined by the committee chair.

Committee Membership - Membership of the committee will be determined by the chair who will take advisement from the Board of Directors, as well as our annual participants. Participants/members of the National Rally can contact the chair to request a position on the committee if they are interested in serving.  Members of the committee will serve at the discretion of the annual chair and the Board of Directors.