For those thinking about hosting a Shark Week….
Are you considering a pitch to bring Shark Week your way? If so, there are a few pages on this website that you’ll want to check out. As you may know, presentations to host Shark Week are made during the present year’s event for the rally two years hence. Voting takes place following all presentations and the winner is announced before the present year’s event concludes.
 The link below takes you to the documents that will help you begin the process of preparing a Shark Week presentation. 

LINK:  RGNR Presentation Page
The Road Glide National Rally Presentation and Voting Protocol page explains how the process works, i.e., putting together your presentation and the voting process. Also provided are some guidelines as to what you should include in your presentation in order to give you the best chance to land a future event. If after digesting this, you decide that you want to go ahead and make a bid to host, then you need to register your intent to pitch by again scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the next page, where you can register your bid.
Registering gives the event organizers a heads up and ensures that your bid makes it onto the voting ballot.
So, if you have an area of North America that you think would make for a great Shark Week and if you have the motivation to carry out hosting duties,
we’d love to hear your pitch. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the past hosts or any member of the Road Glide National Rally
Board of Directors.
We’d love to hear from you!