April 25,2017


I received the Roadglide flag from Dave Bell on a semi-clear day in Kissimmee Florida.

I carried the flag thru, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to Terlingua, Texas, near Big Bend National park. The trip to Terlingua was uneventful, the flag and package remained in tact.

 Upon arrival in Terlingua for SW 6.5, we assembled the troop for a group photo and handed the flag to Colin Wilson. 


Jim Barnett




I received the flag from Jim Barnett at “Tango in Terlingua - SW 6.5”.  This has become an annual event in Big Bend.  Bob Copeland suggested Jim give the flag to me because he wasn’t going to make  Sharkweek 7.  Some others from the Texas Crew were not sure at the time that they would make Sharkweek 7 either. As it turns out, the full contingent of the Texas Crew made it to SW 7!


It’s been an honor and a privilege to carry the flag.  A bit nerve racking worrying that I would forget or lose iron the way.  But it made it to Cherokee NC safe and sound for Sharkweek 7.


Colin Wilson 



I am handing the flag off to Bill Perez who will bring it to Sharkweek 8 unless he hands it off before then.


Colin Wilson