Today I met with Ron (Stray Mutt) and handed over the flag to him.  We had a great time sharing riding stories and he shared with me all the great journey’s the flag has had.  I’m glad StrayMutt gets to carry it a second time.  It has been an honor


Dan (Blue Shark Nose)



I took the flag from Dan (Blue Shark Nose) with the intent of taking the flag to the RG.org Spring BBQ run in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Along the way was a stp in Tombstone, AZ and Terlingua, TX.  While in Terlingua the flag made its way across the Rio Grande and into Mexico.  Safely back into the U.S. I took the flag to Eureka Springs - its second visit to the locale - and gave it to Mauri Anderso who will carry the flag down to the great state of Alabama.  Very honored to have carried the flag once again after its first journey almost 5 years ago.  

Ron Cushman (StrayMutt)


I took the flag from Rom Cushing to deliver it to Harley Jack.  My first M&G was  Spring BBQ in Eureka Springs, Arkansas plus get to carry the flag.  Pretty Good.


Maury Anderson (IMMO2596)




Met Mo this morning in ______(?) AL  to get the flag.  Where will se go from here?





The fag traveled from Prattville Alabama transported by HarleyJack with Tim (Rider 22) and Bob (BobRG15) providing security for the mission. The flag traveled through Birmingham AL, Huntsville stopped at Harley Davidson Columbia __(?).  Then to Boswell Harley Davidson in Nashville TN.  It stopped at the TN/KY border on I24 for a photoshoot at the KY rest area.  Nw it is resting at the Econo Lodge in Gilbertsville KY, tomorrow it will see Superman and go to Pattis for Pork Chops and will be passed along for another adventure.


Harley Jack



The flag rode to Garden of the Gods____(?)  and Superman with Harley Jack, RiderZZ, Jeff338WM , Carolynn and Bob  RG15  then to Pratts to meet Blacksheep.  From here?


Harley Jack



After dinner at Patti’s 1880 settlement in Grand Rivers Kentucky, we gathered bak at Four Rivers Harley Davidson.  In attendance; Harley Jack, Rider ZZ, BobRG15, Bleachey, + myself.  We took pictures with the fag + signed it.  I had been in  Eureka Springs with the flag when StrayMutt passed it to Mo but had not signed it.  Jack passed the fag to Bleachey (Scott) who in turn passed it to me to carry it to Sharkweek VI in Alberta Canada.




Took the flag site seeing around Western Kentucky and through Pennyrile Forest State Park.




Brough the flag back to Oklahoma through Missouri.  Round trip for Carolynn (Luv2Ride) and I.  1335 miles.



Left home (Claremore, OK) for Sharkweek VI.  First stp, Oklahoma City National Memorial to meet Carol (Smarty) and take a pic with the flag.  Next to Hays Kansas to meet Gary RMater, OKCan, 100Edition.




Roll out of Hays + visit the Wounded Knee Memorial in South Dakota, ride through the Badland Nat’l Park to Custer.




Leave Custer, visit Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse + ride Needles Highway.  End day @ Knuckle Saloon in Stugis.




Pick up Luv2Ride @ Rapid City Airport.  Meet Smarty and Elaine @ the Knuckle.  Head west to Devils Tower.  Lunch at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo (Highly Recommend).  Go to TenSuz for Jamison shots in honor of Big Mike.  End the day in Cody.




Ride Yellowstone Nat’l Park




Leave Cody, ride Chief Joseph Highway with a stop for a picture with flag.  Run Beartooth Highway East over summit with a stop for a picture with the flag.  Ended the day in Seely lake Montana.


Ride Glacier NP on Highway to the Sun.  So far the weather has been the best of any of us have experienced in this part of the country.  Took pic in Glacier w/flag + Smarty.  Ended the day in Pincher Creek after border crossing at St Mary's.




Arrive in Stoney Nokota Lodge & Casino in  Banff Alberta the host site for Sharkweek VI. 2877 miles.



I picked u the flag and all of the trinkets that accompany it.  We left Sharkweek VI and rode to Moosejaw , 5k

Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)




We made our first photo stop today at the International Peace Garden on the Manitoba / North Dakota Border.  Our second photo stop was at the Geographic Center of North America in Rugby, ND.    We spent the night in Hillsboro, ND.

Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)



We travelled from ND to just north of Madison Wisconsin.  No photo stops

Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)



Madison WI to Lenox, IL.  We stayed overnight with Tim’s brother steve and took a photo in the morning.


Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)




New Lenox, IL to Stockbridge, GA


Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)




Stockbridge to Saint petersburg Florida 


Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)



Visited Flashark (Rick Mardis)  at his home in Oldsmar, Florida.  Rick is undergoing cancer treatments and appreciated the visit and the opportunity to sign the flag.


Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)




There are too many trinkets that have been addd to the fg and journal, so Chris agreed to send them to Medic Tim who will display them at Sharkweek VII.


Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)




I picked up the flag from Tim Snyder (FXD-Tim)at Barracuda Harley Davidson in St pete Florida.  I will be proudly taking the flag o Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach Florida in two weeks and passing it to David bell.


Tim Johnson “TJ316”



Hurrican Alexander passed Florida on Friday.  Saturday I woke up and rode fro Tampato Pinellas Park and took pictures with Wes Brown, the owner of CyleRama.  Wes makes great cams and is a great engine builder, next we rode back to Tampa and Ybor City, left Tampa, headed north to Brooksville andthe  Madstad factory then headed back south to Tampaand passed through Lutz and took a picture at Paradise Lakes.  Next stop, Daytona Biketoberfest on 10/13/2016 Thursday we leave


Tim Johnson (TJ316)