Received the flag proudly from”PeeWee” in GA but unfortunately had a back injury which kept me off of the road for a while.  Finally made it to Daytona for Bike Week.  Met with “DBell66253” for a few days in the sun.  We passed off the flag before he headed south for home.  David will continue the flags journey from there.  My Sincere apologies to the forum for such a long delay!

Richard “HogWild”


To make a LONG story short (All will learn what that sentence means later)

I thought that this journal was lost!  Gone! Nowhere to be found! Possibly sent to the recycles!  Sayonara! Hasta La Vista! Ciao! Chow! Later! Gone!

What was I going to do? I hadn’t even had a chance to even read one page in here yet!


I hadn’t even joined the forum yet!  I hadn’t come up with a name (handle - whatever you call your nicknames)


We had moved into our new home, barely had things unpacked, but most things “off” except for painting every room in the house - and we were packing again!  This time for Texas.  YEE HAW!!


Anyway, since I said I was going to make this “short”  - I obviously found this journal.  Steve(Bonz55) and I are still married.

The next entry will probably be longer and it will be filled with how happy & honored I (we) are to have had the Texas Shark Week Experience and the honor of losing and finding this.

Clear Lake, Iowa



I was surprised and honored to be asked to carry the flag at Sharkweek V.  We made it back to Iowa with no problems traveling through TX, OK, KS, MO   We had a blast at Sharkweek.  We had big plans to take the flag around North Iowa but a week after getting home I ended up at the ER finding out that I had three blot clots in my left leg, then was told I had melanoma.  I had  three lesions removed, all came back negative.  That was on July 9th, no work, worst of all, no riding.  I am so sorry that the flag has sat in my bike for this time.  I am meeting Mailman13352  in Des Moines Iowa on July 27 to pass the flag off.


Steve “Bonz55” Havey




I am on my first cross country trip from upstate NY.  I met Bonz55 at Jethros BBQ in DesMoines Iowa.  We had a great conversation and food.  I should mention that my brother from another was with me on this trip riding a bat wing.  From there I made it to Ft Collins Colorado and met up with two more friends (from home), one has a Road Glide.  


The flag travelled across the Rocky Mountain Park, Aspen, and Grand Junction.  Took a great road to Rangely CO before entering Wyoming.  Crossed over to Utah and met up with Z-Shark in Garden City Utah  for famous raspberry shakes.  Z-SHark joined our group to bring the total bikes to 5 (3 sharks). We crossed into Idaho briefly before spending the night in Wyoming.  From there the flag saw Yellowstone Park and was photographed in front of Old Faithful!  After a night near Cody WY, the flag went up the Chief Joseph Highway and the bear Tooth Pass enroute to the Sturgis Rally.  The flag got a trip down the Needles Highway, Custer Park, Iron Mountain  Road and Mount Rushmore!  What an honor to carry this flag on what I consider the trip of a lifetime!

Z-Shark whom I met at SW IV, ended up staying with us (unplanned in advance) for a week.  This, my fellow Road Glide Family is what we are all about and what makes us unique.  Nobody is a stranger.  Everyone is  just a friend you haven’t met yet.  

We climbed the tower overlooking Main Street in Sturgis and took a very iconic photo with the flag at the 75th Anniversary of te Black Hills Rally.


It was there that I officially passed the flag to Z-Shark, to bring it back to Vegas with him. I hope the next person to get the flag has the honor of becoming ZShark’s friend. 



Billy Gainey (Mailman13357)


It was awesome to spend the week with Billy  & his crew in Sturgis, and then being able to ride around with the flag during the 75th Sturgis run was awesome.  Was great to show Billy & Ray some great Black Hill roads that they have never been on.  Nemo Road & Vanocker(sp?) to name a few.  The last day in Sturgis, me and Ray (Garvin) headed out together riding the long way for both of us.  Just so we could continue our journey together.  After having some gluten free pizza and seeing CarHenge we split ways.  My journey home was filled with spectacular scenery.  All of which were FLAGS FIRSTS!!!

I took t to the top of Pikes Peak and then rode the 550 (Million Dollar Highway)


I feel very humbled & honored to have been able to carry this flag.  It was a pleasure to hand the flg off to Dan (AKA BlueSharkNose) here at the Vegas Bikefest. I met Dan at my first M&G in Laughlin a few years ago and we have always kept in contact ever since.  


I am happy to see the flag back in the wind on a new route.

Mike  (Z-Shark)


Everytime I ride into LasVegas, NV, I look to meet up with Z-Shak (Mike)!  This time heeded to the Las vegas Bikefest was no different.  We met up at the event and hung out.  After a while he mentioned that he had a surprise for me.  To my surprise, he broke out the Road Glide.org flag and handed it to me!  I was  in shock and humbled to take possession of it.  I had read about the adventures with the flag for years and now I had the privilege to carry it.  


Over the next four months I carried it back to Southern California and traveled up the coast on the PCH, carved canyons of Malibu and ___(?) climbed the mountains of Big bear and Idullwild (sp?), explored the desserts, crossed over  the Coronado Bridge in San Diego and was in the final Love Ride to Castaic Lake.


Though I regretted not putting some serious miles on the flag odometer, I was and continue to be honored by the opportunity to have had possession of the flag and all of the journeys it has experienced.


Dan (Blue Shark Nose)