Road Glide National Rally  
Flag Journal 2012

Note from the editor

The following entries are from the Road Glide National Rally Flag Journal.  The journal has been used to record possessions of the Road National Rally Flag as it is passed from one forum member to another.

I made my best effort to decipher the handwriting at times it was impossible.  ___________(?) means that the handwriting was unreadable.


If you see any glaring errors please contact Chris Hutter to alert him of the necessary changes.


February 19, 2012


Met Jon van Gelder AKA Triple J and his wife Niki today in Palestine, TXat the Dogwood Diner for lunch.  Good chicken fried steak & mashed potatoes.  Triple is gonna head North to his home in Frisco, TX & pass the flag on.


Jimmy Ray

February 19, 2012


Road to Palestine TX and received the flag from Jimmy Ray11349.Had some good grub as well as good conversation.  Looking forward to passing on the flag and making yet another friend on the road!


Triple J  -  John van Gelder

March 9,  2012


Has the chance  today to pass on the flag to Al in AK - Al Brown - today - met up with Al at Longhorn, Harley Davidson in Grand Prairie TX

March 19, 2012

Arrived in Van Horn TX  Last night 510 with flag - 720 miles total day - 31 degrees


Departed Van-Horn @ 10:00AM  35 degrees cloudy   


Arrived Tombstone , AZ 5:30 PM  - camped

March 11, 2012Contacted Tim - HDNALI

Meeting @ Superstition Harley Davidson, Apache Jct.

Arrived 1:30PM   _______ and beautiful I believe I had over 1,200 miles with flag


Thanks again to Jimmy Ray & Triple J


Al Brown 

Palmer, Alaska  

March 12, 2012

March 11, 2012

Passed onto HDNALI - Alink AK


HDNALI -  Tim Cabarga

March 11, 2012

I received the “Roadglideflag” from Al in AK.  Pargenz showed up a little while later, took some pictures + BS’D for a while.  Have taken the flag on a couple of little trips in AZ.  Took the flag on trips to Superior, Globe, Carrio, White River, HAN-BAH, Pinetop - Lakeside, Showlow + Payson, Wickenburg, Prescott, Jerome, + Camp Verde, AZ


Passed the flag onto Peter (Pargenz) as he will take it around the state also

HDNALI - Tim Cabarga  TO

March 20, 2012


Got the flag from Tim (HDNALI) took it to a dealership in Chandler for a photo


Peter Argenziano (Pargenz)

March 24, 2012


Peter (Pargenz) took the flag on a run down to Tombstone -  the flag has been there twice now.  Got a photo with 7 local Sharks before hitting the road.  Visited Boothill Graveyard.

March 30, 2012  


Took the flag out to Arizona Bike Week (Cyclefest) and on a charity ride for MDA.  Met with HDNALI later so he could get some photos with the flag in Arizona.

April 4, 2012

Met HDNALI (Tim) at Chandler Harley Davidson to get the flag.  Was on my way to a hospital in PHX to visita brother who crashed earlier in the afternoon - A child ran into a busy street & he swerved to miss her.  She knocked him off of his bike.  Thoughts  and prayers out to Scott.  Leaving for  El Cajon, CA on Friday morning.


Peter Argenziano (Pargenz)

April, 6 2012


Rode from Chandler AZ to South Cal (ElCajon, LA Mesa, San Diego).


I-10 to 78 to 79


Peter Argenziano (Pargenz)

April, 7 2012

LA Mesa to the beach.  Over to Sweetwater Harley Davidson.  Then back to ElCajon Harley Davidson for a Meet-up of the Sharks.  Good photos.  Great people.


Peter Argenziano (Pargenz)

April 7, 2012


El Cahon, CA Met up with a few of the sharks in San Diego California this morning & took the flag back to O.C. the guys were all very nice


Nutter Mutter
Mark Stout

April 27, 2012


Brought the flag from SOCal through Nevada into Arizona and met several Sharks at O’Leary’s in Bullhead City.  We are all at the bar having a drink.  We had a good time.


Nutter Mutter

April 27, 2012


After a great Meet-N-Greet @Laughlin River Run ‘12 with Nutter Mutter, 1st SGT, Road Glide Rider & Iron Mark, the flag was safely tucked away and accompanied my girlfriend and I up Hwy 93 to Las Vegasand experienced on of the most beautiful sunsets!  :)


David Wise

McRider 996

June 9, 2012


Met up with SGT Rob in Tropic Utah. Passed the flag and the secret along after a few beers and stories - on it’s way to Chicago!


David Wise

McRider 996

June 12, 2012 


Met up with Rob “MMCMSW” in Newton Iowa after traveling with the flag from Bryce Canyon Utah through Grand Escalante, Arches National Park and the Rockies.  The ride is the prettiest

I’ve ever seen, and my time with the flag, short lived but well worth it.



June 12, 2012


Met with SGT Rob in Newton Iowa.  Escorted SGT ROB to the Illinois border and proceeded to Port Byron Illinois.  Spent a month taking the flag with the help of JRMAC (Jim) to the “Field of Dreams”, Balltown, Iowa and Elizabeth ,IL.  These destinations would be visited by members attending SWII.

On July 17, 2012, I presented the flag to the Sharkweek attendees.EXAMMO was designated to carry the flag but had military duties, so I, JRMAC took the flag to the STURGIS RALLY.  We visited Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and downtown Sturgis.


The flag visited IL, WI, MN, SD, WY and MO while I had it.  Passed the flag to EXAMMO on August 11, 2012 at Wieblers Harley Davidson in Davenport Iowa.


Rob Puetz  - MMCMSW

August 12, 2012


I received the flag from Rob (MMCMSW) at Wieblers Harley Davidson in  Davenport Iowa.  I was there to have a gas tank put on that Rob gave to me.  We hung out for a little bit and had lunch at the dealership.  I brought the flag back home to Omaha, after stopping at the “Freedom Rock” for a photo opportunity.


Jeremy  -  EXXAMO

August 17, 2012


I met Dean (CNIDOG) and AKWOLF (?) at Dillons Harley Davidsonto share the flag.  I wasn’t prepared to hand off the flag at that time.  I had been trying to work with non-point to hand it off.  My plan fell through. 


Jeremy- EXXAMO

August 27, 2012


I met with Dean at Holsteins Harley Davidson to pass the flag.  I had to be there to

Load my bike up in my truck to make my trip to California.  Thanks for bearing the burden for me Dean!


Jeremy  -  Exxamo

August 27, 2012
1830 hrs


I, Dean Cook “CNIDOG” rec’d the official flag from “Exxamo”  - Jeremy.  There was a slight change of plans from the previous entry as Exxamo forgot about me meeting him at the dealership so he called me and changed the meet to his home.  Luckily we only live a few miles apart so it was definitely on my way.  This was the 3rd time Jeremy and I had been in the same place with the flag.  1st @ SWII, but neither of us remember meeting each other.2nd, the 17th of August at Dillon Brothers Harley Davidson Anniversary Bash - We talked a couple of hours and 3rd Today at Jeremy’s home.  He showed me the “secret”of the flag, introduced me to his youngest daughter, we enjoyed  a couple of Summer Shandy brews and had a picture taken for the official handoff.  I won’t be keeping the flag long (I hope).  As I’m scheduled to have surgery on September 14 and I will probably be down for a few weeks during recovery.  If that doesn’t work I have a backup plan (no need to waste space on it).  It was definitely an unexpected honor to receive the flag today.


Until next time.

Dean Cook - CNIDOG

September 2, 2012


Today I will be riding over to Stuart Iowa to hand the flag off to a new member, bigdoug1130 (Doug).  Doug had just 7 posts on the forum when he stepped on the gas to volunteer to take the flag.  Outstanding!  Look forward to meeting Doug and sharing the secret.  Gene (AKAWOLF) is scheduled to ride over with me as well.  We’ll travel Highway 44 (supposed to be one of Iowa’s best roads) and slab it back to Omaha.


Dean Cook -  CNIDOG

September 2, 2012


Met up with CNIDOG in  Adair, IA.   (Slight change in plans) Got flag + photos then food.  Really enjoyed meeting Deanand Gene (AKAWOLF).  Flag is going to Pleasant Hill, IA then I don’t know.


Doug Verwers  -  BIGDOUG1130

September 14, 2012


Had the flag for two weeks.  Went on a few trips, took the flag to Indianola, IA.  Rt 65 Harley Davidson talked to some Road Glide owners, none members (Yet), Normally wouldn’t do that.  Also went to Iowa City - Hawkeye harley Davidson - Also talked to a couple of guys on Road Glides.  An honor to carry the flag + show but was glad to hear from Old Nerd Guy.  We will be meeting in Quincy, IL on Saturday September 15.  Haven't been a member too long but I'm looking forward to meeting more members.  It’s been an honor watching over the flag


See you down the road

Doug Verwers - BIGDOUG1130

September 15, 2012   -  Old Nerd Guy aka Tim Edmunds


I received the flag from BigDoug1130 today at TNT Harley-Davidson.  The 1130 in Big Doug’s name is his birthday.SIKK1 was also there with his fantastic Road Glide.  Afterwards we went to lunch at Kelly’s in Quincy.  Great Food,  great place to eat.  After lunch I rode with Doug and his wife to the best Western in Hannibal MO.  There we parted and I headed south to MO-79 towards home.


Tim Edmunds  -   OLD NERD GUY

We traveled down MO-79 to Clarksville, then to MO - W, one of the BEST rides in Missouri.  Back to MO-79 and home to St peters.

Tim Edmunds  -   OLD NERD GUY

September 16, 2012


Today the flag made it to Frankenstein (MO).  A really small town with a really big Catholic Church.

September 23, 2012


Just returned from the Missouri State HOG Rally.  Did not meet any new members.  I did run out of forum cards.  Lots of interest, particularly in SW III in St George Utah.

The rally was in Sedalia Missouri.  We had over 900 bikes there.  Saw lots of Sharks, including one custom job I posted pics of.


Tim Edmunds  -   OLD NERD GUY

September 28, 2012


The flag made its way to Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville AR.  Met up with Fahredand Wayne62 (?) at Pig Trail Harley Davidson.  They both signed the flag.


We will be meeting Quicksand at Grandma’s house in Winslow, AR, tomorrow to pass on the flag.


Tim Edmunds  -   OLD NERD GUY

September 28, 2012


The flag handoff was changed from Winslow, A to the Cathouse at Eureka Springs due to the threat of rain south.  Old Nerd Guy, Arkie Glide, Mrs. Arkie Glide and myself, Quicksand.  Old Nerd Guy handed the flag off to me.  Non Road Glide riders Phil +Jeff were there as well and took pictures.  After lunch at the Cathouse the weather cleared somewhat so we took the flag down  the Pig trail.  Later it made the trip back to ES for margaritas


Jim McCalpine - Quicksand

September 30, 2012


Left Eureka Springs Arkansas Sunday morning headed toward Louisville.  Took some really tasty roads thru AR and Mo - 142 being an unexpected treat.  Not so much  curvy as more like a roller coaster - very hilly with lots of - blind hills -  when you crest them you lose sight of the road for a minute.  Very cool Tracing my route later on the map it struck me the flag has spent a majority of time on the interstate which seems odd.


Jim McCalpine - Quicksand

October 13, 2012

Took the flag to world famous Rabbit Hash, KY and was joined by Frankie B, Tracy B, Face and Beefy for a photo op.  Nice day kicking back watching the world go by.

Jim McCalpine - Quicksand

October 15 +16, 2012


Took the flag on the Bourbon Trail.    Made 5 out 6 distilleries.  Great weather!

Jim McCalpine - Quicksand


October 22, 2012


Took the flag to Deals Gap + Dragon Tail to hand the flag off to Medic Tim - Had a great time riding and enjoyed having the flag for a couple of weeks.  Good times with friends.

Jim McCalpine - Quicksand

October 22 - 23,  2012


Met with Quicksand at  Deals Gap.  We rode a couple of days enjoying some of the best roads anywhere.  Had a great time with Jim.

Tim Marshburn  - MEDIC TIM



October 25 - 28,  2012


Took the flag with me as I traveled to Wilmington NC, for my nieces wedding.


I’m happy to say that the flag survived Hurricane Sandy  which blew  by while we  were in town.


Tim Marshburn - MEDIC TIM

November 12, 2012


Not much to report. Really an opportunity to ride.  Did go to the shop New tires _________.


Tim Marshburn - MEDIC TIM

December 1, 2012


My wife Robin and I carried the flag on the Gaston County Toys for the Kids Run.


Had a great day. Nearly 2000 bikes total attended only about 10 were sharks.

Tim Marshburn - MEDIC TIM

December 8, 2012


Headed off to ________________  South Carolina to pass the flag off to Brewiz.


I’ll pass the secret along as well.  Wish I could have met more forum members while I had the flag.  I know it will be in good hands with brewiz.

Tim Marshburn - MEDIC TIM