2014 Road Glide National Rally - Flag Journal

January 18, 2014

Left Reno at 6:45 AM and rode south on 395 to Big Pine.  Handed the flag off to Troy and the flag will be headed to Southern California.


Chuck Gaszo  - Gaszo19

January 18, 2014


I left the San Fernando Valley at 7:00 AM on a 230 mile trip north .  Met Chuck Gaszo, BattleBorn 35, and Doobros.  Had a nice lunch and a short visit as I was given the flag to bring south for the winter.  I never really planned on being the flag bearer but it is kind of cool when you look through the book and see where it has been.  


My plan is to send the flag  farther south next weekend with MJ’s Double.


T-BO 399

January, 20, 2014


Took the flag to be signed by member HogPro today because me might not make it to the hand off next week.  I rode through the Malibu Hills to the Rock store and then to the Pacific Coast Highway for lunch at Neptune's Net.  The weather was terrific today.


T-BO 399

January 25, 2014


Today will move the flag and hand off to MJ’s Double.  We have a surprise handoff planned for BDMastiff to carry the flag from Stop 1 to Stop 2.  Anyone who has been around for a while knows that BDMastif was a big contributor to the forum in the early days.  He also organized the First Southern California meet-up.


T-BO 399

January 25, 2014


Flag hand off from TBO 399 to BD Mastiff.


T-BO 399

January 25, 2014


Handoff to MJ’s Double at Sooners in Santa Clarita, California.



January 25, 2014


My wife (Mrs MJSDouble) and I rode to Angeles Crest Highway to meet  a few Southern California members for riding and flag handover.  Our plan was to go to Crazy Otto’s for brunch but MrsMJSDouble had problems with her battery (She rides a Street Glide) So we changed plans and rode to the nearest dealer, Old Road Harley Davidson in Santa Clarita.  After the battery install we all rode to Schooners for lunch and the flag hand off.  This is where BDMastiff gave me the responsibility of the Road Glide.org Flag. I have to say it is an honor and a privilege to carry the Road Glide.org Flag.


I asked a couple of guys who we’d seen ride in on RG’s to take a picture with us.  Just so happens one of them was a member, Rob (Cowdog) had won Bike of the Month (BOTM) in August 2012.  We talked  and he and his friend included themselves in our group pic.


Kenny (MJSdouble)


January 26, 2014

Karen (MJSdouble) and I rode to Malibu with some High School friends of mine - non RG members.  We were sitting at Neptune's Net  when I saw Rob (Cowdog) roll in with his wife.  We recognized one another immediately Wow!!! What a coincidence.  We took  a few pics with the flag and rode home.  On the way to Neptune Net a piece of long plastic flew between the bikes on the highway and ended up hitting my fender and engine guard.  I now have a small dent on my fender and a mark on the guard.


Kenny (MJSdouble)

February 7, 2014


Karen and I took an impromptu ride to Santa Barbara.  It had rained the night before so chaps were in order.  We stopped in Ventura where I noticed I didn’t have my FOB.  I had thought that I had hooked it to my belt loop but I had dropped it in the parking lot of a McDonalds while leaving.  I was in a bit of a hurry which reminds me of what my dad says “haste makes waste”.  I used my code the rest of the day.  We went to Santa Barbara Pier and ate at Moby Dicks.  We also visited Ty Warner Sea Center on the pier.  Inside there’s a touch Shark tank.  We took pictures while touching the Swell Shark with the flag.  I’m including a pic of our M&G on the 25th and me pettinga shark while holding the flag with karen.  We rode home and back to McDonalds where I found my FOB in the gutter

SMASHED Lesson learned LOL


February 8, 2014


Today we will ride to San Diego to hand off the flag and its secret to RichieRich.


Kenny (MJSdouble)

February 8, 2014


I have received the flag and its secret from MJSDouble.  I won’t keep it long as I’d like to see it moved back east for the start of the season


Richie Rich

February 22, 2014

Today my wife (Dee) and I leave for Yuma for Huma Arizona to pass the flag to HDNali.  I plan to take it to Borderfield State Park (Furthest South West Spot in the Continental United States) and then onto Yuma via Old 94n+Highway 80.  It has been my honor and privilege to carry it.


Richie Rich MRMC XgX


February 22, 2014

I received the flag from Richie Rich in Yuma Arizona.  


March 9, 2014

Handing over the flag to VRING (Joe) + its secret @ Hon Dah Casino, Hon Dah Arizona.  It has been an honor + privilege to carry the flag on its journey.

HD Nali


March 9, 2014  

Left Rio Rancho, NM  (36 degrees!) and headed for Pinetop (HonDah Casino) for the handoff.  Came across some snow along the way, but it was a nice ride.  Traveled I40 west/117 South / 36 South / 60 West / 260 West . 


Will meet 11 Glide in Raton, New Mexico on Thursday (March 13) for a return to Colorado!


Joe Connors - Vring


March 13, 2014

Rode from Broomfield Colorado down to Raton New Mexico  to meet VRing for the flag handoff.  Grabbed a burger and a beer at Mulligans before taking  a picture with the flag and VRing before riding back to Broomfield.  Really enjoyed the ride and getting to meet Vring!


Dennis (11-Glide)


March 23, 2014

Took the flag for a ride up to Red Rocks for a little meet with a few  fellow RG members.  It had snowed the day before and was cold for the ride up but the roads were mostly clear.  Went from upper 20’s to about 65 by the late afternoon.  Group W came from Colorado Springs, Shemp and Mrs Shemp (Curtis & Lisa  Foxworth) came down from Loveland.  TruBlu came down from Longmont and Road Glide Gary and MDWatson rode from Denver.  Great Day and Great People.

Dennis (11-Glide)

April 1, 2014

Heading to McCook Nebraska to hand off to Garvin90.  Shemp will meet me in Fort Morganand ride up with me.




April 1, 2014

I received the flag from Dennis (11-Glide)  and Curtis (Shemp) @ McCook, Nebraska.  We had some delicious porters, homemade cream soda and greasy sandwiches.  I rode home via highway 34/136/77 and back ionto Omaha.  


Raymond Garvin  - Garvin 90


April 9, 2014

Left at 5:45 AM to meet Dr Mike and JayKS in Wichita, Kansas to hand off the flag.  Doctor Mike will take the flag to DC-3MEK @ the Texas _____(?) in Kerrville at the YO Ranch.


Raymond Garvin  - Garvin 90


April 9, 2014

Left the house today (Wichita Falls texas) at 4:57 Am and 38 degrees outside.  321 miles each way to Wichita KS to get the flag from Garvin 90 & JayKS at River City Brewery.  Spent a little over two hours visiting and eating.  Ribs were outstanding!  I wish I had the flag longer but tomorrow I am taking it to Texas MnG 3 point 5 to give it to DC3-MEK.  Read the log book, looked through the goodies and added a state of Texas patch so the flag can be returned.

Dr. Mike


April 10, 2014

Rode Highway 16 all the way from Graham to Kerrville, very nice ride.  Met Jay2Bears and Deb filling up at a gas station in Lando.  When we left the station about ½ a block down the road, Someone flagged us down and introduced himself as Jethro3.  Jay & Dee led us to the Yo with Jethro mopping up.  All three signed the flag in the lobby.  Met a guy in the lobby who said he had a Road Glide  but not here.  And wanted to sign the flag, Dee  told him to go online & join then he could sign it.

Dr. Mike


April 12, 2014

Rode the 3 Sisters today plus some with everybody at Sharkweek 3.5 Came back to the hotel cooked steaks with everybody, took pictures & handed the flag along with the secret  to DC3-MEK.  Been fun, had a blast…


Dr. Mike



DC3-MEK here, got the flag from Dr. Mike at Kerrville texas (Sharkweek 3.5 Yeah baby!!!) Rode the 3 Sisters, I should back up and say that Janine and I rode out to Terlingua Texas and Big Bend National Park from Atlanta Georgia with Mike Jones (Brewiz) and Jim McAlpine (Quicksand) Unbelievable ride...storms, hail, tumbleweed, Tornadoes!!!

Left Kerrville 04:45 local time for Atlanta & Newman Georgia.  Arrived Newman at 01:35 the next day!!!  1,100 miles 21.5 hours.  


Now handing it off to Tracy Basham on Beale Street after a great meet and Greet and ride to (Clarksdale Mississippi)  Home of the Blues!!!!  Later!


Darrell and Janine

NOTE:  I put the shark in the bag

April 26, 2014


Finally!!  I have the beloved flag.


I am officially the first woman to carry our flag.  It took a few years  but I formally received it DC3-MEK in Memphis at our 3rd Annual  BBQ Run.  The honor and the privilege is almost haha, the best thing I have ever had the opportunity to do.  I shall carry it proudly (but not too long).  :)


Myrtlea and Tracy Basham

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Myrtle signed with a pawprint


May 17, 2014


Today we are leaving our home in Brandenburg KY and travelling to the New River Gorge area of West Virginia.


Lymey & the Franken Glide will carry the flag.  We are handing it off to XDeltaForceX (Eric) & h will carry it onto his hometown in the D.C. area and take it to Rolling Thunder over the Memorial Day Weekend.


Safe travels to him & to the flag.  It has been a pleasure.

All Hail the Queen of Swag!

Tracy B & Frankie B


May 17, 2014

Today I rode from the DC area to the New River Gorge WV to meet and receive the flag from TracyB.  The ride was beautiful, and everyone that came out to the meet up was awesome.  I will be taking the flag back to the Nation’s Capital, and riding it through the Rolling Thunder parade.  The flag will make the rounds about D.C. for any of the members who will be in town for the ride.  Eventually I’ll hand off the flag to Chris Hutter (HUTMO)  so it can make its way to  the Gypsy Run and Shark Week.  It's a privilege to carry such an esteemed item.


XDeltaForceX (Eric) 


July 28, 2014


Today I picked up the flag from Eric  in Cumberland Maryland.  It’s good to see the flag has brought so many people together over the last three years.  Keep it moving.


Chris Hutter (HUTMO)


August 2, 2014

The flag left Pittsburgh and made its way to Sharkweek Four,


Enjoy the Flag...share the flag… protect the flag….  Pass it on and meet new people.  Expand your circle.


In Memory of Cleo (1999-2014) “The secret of the flag”


She was a great pup, a very nice show dog, and has a progeny that continues to this day by her great great great grandchildren across the county…  but most of all, she was my best bud and I miss her so.  She lives on with our flag.


Roll on the throttle with Cleo!




August 15, 2014


I was handed off the flag by Chris and felt honored to be carrying the flag that has been carried by so many before me.  I made my way down to York PA on the first night.  As a birthday treat to myself on august 16 the flag and I made a stop at the Assembly Plant in York and saw where our beloved Glides are born.  The next two day were spent gliding part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the flag made a trip down the “Dragon”.


Eric Napier (Pee Wee)


October 24, 2014


After an unexpected delay on the part of Hogwild (unexpected motor rebuild) I made the trip to Blairsville Georgia for the next handoff to ensure the flag continues its journey.


Eric Napier