The Classic Factory Tour offers a video and an intimate view of Harley-Davidson’s assembly line and fabrication areas. The tour experience will last approximately one hour.  Due to the expected large numbers the tour will be offered for TWO days:  July 14th and 15th.


Classic Factory Tour Schedule:

Tuesday July 14th
Wednesday July 15th

NOTE:  Once either of the days are FULL I will remove that selection from the form.


Due to expected large number of individuals interested in the tour  we need to have advanced registration.  Your scheduled time will be shared with you when you CHECK IN at the Sharkweek Registration Desk.  Payment for scheduled tours will  be due at Sharkweek check-in.

By registering ahead of time we are able to save you 20%.




Cameras or recording devices are not allowed in the plant. Photography is permitted in the Tour Center.

 Bags or packages such as backpacks, luggage and camera bags are not allowed in the factory.

 Fully-enclosed, low-heeled (one inch or less) shoes are required.

 Children under the age of 12 are welcome in the Tour Center, but are not allowed on the factory tour.

Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


 Please notify us if you have disability-related needs. Every effort will be made to accommodate you. 



Classic Factory Tour Cost & Reservations
Regular: $8 per person