A Gypsy Tour has been  part of the Road Glide National Rally since its inception in 2011.  The Gypsy Tour existed since 1916, when the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) started  sanctioning the event in 1924 and it continues to this day in one form or another.  

"One of the original experiences in motorcycling, gypsy tours are gatherings of riders from all over the country, converging upon a single destination. AMA National Gypsy Tours brings like-minded riders together to enjoy the camaraderie of motorcycling, often in a location of particular beauty, historic significance and/or importance to the sport." 1

"Because of the distances involved, participants camped and stayed overnight to see and participate in different events.  Hence the Hollywood stereotypical name: Gypsy Tour.  Once there they showed off their machines and often participated in organized road rides and competitions."  2


Despite how they formed and their purpose, the purpose of our Gypsy Tours has always been what I like to call "The Art of Getting There".  Riding with old and new friends and sharing the experience. 


2011     Lincoln Highway   / Rt 30
Pittsburgh to Gettysburg


2012     Great River Road
New Orleans to LeClaire Iowa along the Mississippi River


2013     Rt 66
Missourri to the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup New Mexico


2014     Pennsylvania Rt 6
Erie PA / Scanton / Cooperstown NY / Lake Placid  to Maine


2015     Dixie Highway
New Orleans to Dallas


2016     No Gypsy Tour was scheduled


2017  Blue Ridge Parkway

2018 Rt 66
OK City to Gallup NM


2019 No Gypsy Tour


2020     Lincoln Highway from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg


2021  Lincoln Highway  from Cheyenne Wyoming to Lake Tahoe


2022  Great Lakes Excursion - Cleveland to Appleton Wisconsin



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2.   Adventure Ride Website