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2 Time Offender - previous possession April, 2013.

Traded Hutmo an empty beer bottle for the flag at Sharkweek 8 in Durango Colorado.  Brought it back to Canton, Ohio and will be delivering it to Tim Smart in mid-September in North Carolina.


Mike Weidleman (Ohio Bell Boy - OBB)



Simon (AKA Desert Hog) signed the flag at breakfast and then I met up with Tim Smart and Jeff Carpenter at the lazy Hiker Brewing Company in Franklin  NC.  Had a beer and passed the flag.

Mike Weidleman (Ohio Bell Boy - OBB)



(Second day of fall 2018)

Met with Tim and his wife Kelly for lunch in Athens.  Short ride for the both of us. (Only about 1.5 hours) but it is always a good time when we get together.   And yes, always some beers included.  We met at a restaurant called Champy’s.  They are famous for chicken and darn their chicken is fricking huge!  And, also are their beers.  They keep 40 oz beers on hand!  Oh, and they are cold.  Anyway, it was a great ride and fantastic eats w/some great friends ad we spent some good time talking and catching up.  After all, is that not the spirit and intention of the flag?


Eric Napier (Pee Wee)



Myself (Tim Smartt) Tom Elder, (Racer X) and Drew Kerby (Big Jak) rolled from Atlanta to Austin Texas.  We stopped at Gruene Hall so the flag could visit a fabulous old music hall.  We also went to Lukenbach, Texas for more music history and folklore.  We spent the balance of the week listening to great live music, eating great food and enjoying a few beverages.

Tim Smartt



I met Tim Smartt in Terrell Texas and got the flag.  

Honor Hukill



Me, Mart and some friends took the flag to Logansport Louisiana to the International Boundary Marker  Original granite block - 10 feet long 9 inches square.  It marked the United States - Republic of Texas boundary. Dated 1840.  Set on April 23, 1841.  Only marker of International Boundary known to exist within the continental U.S.


Honor Hukill



Passed along the flag to Carol Burks in Terrell Texas.  As we were passing the flag, Henry Hunter showed up.  Always great to see another Shark friend.


Honor Hukill



Picked up the flag from Honor at Bucee’s in Terrell Texas.  Rode to Royse City to get ready for the journey to Tucumcari, New Mexico.


55 degrees



4 AM

Loading the bike and it’s off on a chilly 47-degree morning, next stop breakfast after skirting the DFW commute traffic.



Great ride with the flag in tow.  Rode the back roads of West Texas then stopping in Clovis, New Mexico at the Harley dealer with the flag.


Troy, It’s all yours!



Handed off the flag on a brisk Rt 66 morning. Weather was below 40 degrees and never surpassed 50 degrees until the last 30 minutes of the ride.  I have finally decided to invest in heated gear.  Early on in the day I let myself get frustrated by all of the people driving slow in the left lane.  I expressed my displeasures with several middle digit salutes.  After causing a minor road rage incident I realize that I wasn’t really educating people with my salutes, I was just making happy ignorant people angry.    I spent the rest of the day focusing on the gorgeous scenery.  (As I shivered)

Carol Burkes (Smarty)