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Road Glide National Rally  
Flag Journal 2013

Note from the editor

The following entries are from the Road Glide National Rally Flag Journal.  The journal has been used to record possessions of the Road Glide.org National Rally Flag as it is passed from one forum member to another.

I made my best effort to decipher the handwriting at times it was impossible.  ___________(?) means that the handwriting was unreadable.


If you see any glaring errors please contact Chris Hutter to alert him of the necessary changes.



March 1, 2013


Leaving Stockbridge at 08:30 and it's 33 degrees it's going to be cold.  200 miles ride to Valdosta to meet up with Eddie______ (?).



March 2, 2013


Left Clermont, FL and took US 27 to the Florida Turnpike which turns into I75.  Ran the super slab and met Brewiz at the Outback off exit 18A.  Really cold right there and back.  Took the flag to Gainesville Harley Davidson on the way home.  Really nice meeting Mike.  Had a coffee to warm up and a good burger.


April 5, 2013


Got up after a  night shift (7pm to 7am)at noon and rode from Waldorf MD to Anderson SC to be ready to meet Gary R. who was riding up from Pascagoula, MS and staying in the Atlanta area Friday night.  


I booked a room and promptly passed out after riding for 9.5 hours and 510 miles.


Springer Todd



April 6, 2013


Gary R. and I met up at the IHOP in Anderson SC on a beautiful sunny spring day.


Gary and I are both involved in the technical end of satellites and have very similar technical backgrounds so we swapped stories about that as well as riding stories and discussed each other's bikes and the options that we had.


Gary had to get back to South ____(?)  and I needed to get to Martinsville VA.  So we said goodbye after a great breakfast.


I ended up almost going to Asheville on I26 then Rt 64 to 70 and I40 to Greensboro then north through a wonderful backroad on a beautiful day to Stuart VA and stopped for a photo op at Lovers Leap.


A few miles further and only 1 miles off of the Blue Ridge Parkway is Crooked Road Cafe which is a new Mediterranean restaurant on Rt 58 opened this spring by my family.  We worked at the restaurant and ate well then stayed at Mother-in -laws home in Specer overnight.  The next morning I rode back roads home and on the way rode with 2 Blue Knights through Appomattox and back home.


Total weekend mileage1600 miles in 2.5 days


Springer Todd


April 12, 2013


I am at work today and had NORTONIAN sign the flag and receive the secret.


Springer Todd


April 13, 2013


Got up at 3:30AM this morning to meet a friend in Alexandria VA at 5:20 then met Bandit7 in Fredericksburg VA @ 6:30 and we fueled and rode to _______(?) and met Aviator and continued on the backroads to Roanoke.  At the Blue Ridge Bike Fest we met Ridin103, GR8BigDude, 206AX(?) , and RNA Jeep.  We took pics with the flag and enjoyed the festival.


We ended up riding back road Rt6 home which was dark and twisty and would have been better to ride during the day.


Springer Todd


April 14, 2013


I met Glyddn and Jetman in Tappahannock and we ate at the local Mexican restaurant and swapped lies!


Springer Todd



April 17, 2013


Met Hullhorr (Rick)  in Greenbelt MD at Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant and swapped lies and I turned over the flag to him.


Springer Todd



April 17, 2013


Received the flag from Springer Todd over lunch.  It was great meeting with Todd and hopefully I can meet some others before passing the flag off on April 27, 2013.



AKA Hullhorr



April 22, 2013


Road to Arlington National Cemetery with the flag to bury an old friend, Vietnam Veteran, Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient Mark Bjishkian.



AKA Hullhorr


Editor's Note: Hospital Corpsman Third Class Mark E. Bjishkian (NSN: 7773427)



A true hero.  God rest his soul.  Thank you for your service to our country



April 24, 2013


Road08Glide came by my house to sign the flag.  Had a nice visit and I suppose we will see each other again soon?



AKA Hullhorr



April 27, 2013


Received the flag from Hullhorr this morning in Cranberry Township PA at the Quaker Steak and Lube.  In attendance were Hullhorr, Hutmo, Dmize, Hawkeye7, Rivsail, OBB + Mrs.  Brought the flag back to Canton Ohio for a photo op at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Mike Weidleman

Ohio Bell Boy


May 13, 2013


Took the flag on a long walk on the beach...we bonded!!!  Afterward we enjoyed a nice dinner and movie… sadly my time with the flag ended when I passed it along to Jayray and Panhead


Cold and rainy hand off in Erie PA.  Good food + good company.  Have not seen Pan and Jayray since SW I!  Ride Safe!!!!!!


Dan Mize



May 14, 2013


Got some pressure to get the flag moving in NY!  Super slab ride to Erie with Panhead on his 120R!  My old girl kept up - met at Famous Dave’s in the rain for a couple of hours of fun!  We lit em up (80+) on the way back. Passing of on the 16th to Mailman.  Haven’t seen Dmize or Panhead since SW 1.  Friends fell right back into it.  Might be the shortest steward of the flag.  


Signed it again.


JayRay (Jim)



May 14, 2013


Roade w/Jay Ray to Erie good times _____(?)!  Hammered home to get out of the rain in Erie.  Good Food & eats.  Great times


Panhead (Jeff)



May 16, 2013


My 44th  birthday to enjoy beating the big slab to eat again.  Some RIBS at the Syracuse Dinosaur. Don’t let Jay Ray tell you any stories.  His screamer ____(?) done at a ______(?) job!!  Still rockin’ at 44k miles!  Good to meet the Mailman (Bill Gainey),  Good times & food  Ride Safe & keep the flag moving!


Panhead Jeff


2011 Cool Blue Pearl



May 16th, 2013


Rode solo 75 miles to Syracuse to get the flag from Jay Rasy and Panhead.  We met up for brews & BBQ.  Also in attendance were Panheads brothers in law on a yellow Road Glide + 2 wives.  After receiving the flag & dinner I rode back home.  I am sad that I only had possession of the flag for less than 24 hours.  Not much time to read the entries.


Billy Gainey (Mailman 13357)


May 17, 2013


The wife and I headed west this evening to meet Billy.  We met in Canajoharie, NY at the Village Restaurant.  For a quick bite.  Along w/ Billy were his girlfriend and a riding partner on a fat boy.  Turns out the girlfriend is a doctor and his riding buddy is an ultrasound tech - so they had a lot to talk about with my wife who works in medical imaging.  I got the opportunity to talk technical with Vinny (Fat Boy) as I work in ultrasound for nondestructive testing of turbine components.  Checked out one of Paul’s LED lights on Billy’s ride along with Chainsaw’s Mean Mug.  Glad to see Billy is losing his money to the forum too!  We headed around the corner to Jim’s Harbor (Irish Pub) for a whistle wetter before parting ways.   We hope to ride together again soon.    Carried the flag east on NY 5s to Schenectady then north to the house.  Signing off for tonight.  Heading to Auburn MA tomorrow for a 30+ shark meet and greet & great thanks to the forum and the flag!


Gary L




May 18, 2013


We rode the flag to Sheldon’s Harley Davidson in Auburn MA for the New England shark meet and greet.  Fantastic weather for riding and a good turnout.  Got a chance to meet several members and share in the camaraderie.  


Also got to pick out some new MODS! Looks like 22 or so Sharks representing MA, NY, NH, RI, CT, NJ and ME.  After an hour or so of Oohs and ahhs we moved to the Rt 56 Roadside bar and Grill.  Here, several members signed the flag before the handover to Workman (Ron).  Glad to have the responsibility over!  


Check Sheldon Harley Davidson’s Facebook page for more photos.

Keep it moving!  Enjoy the ride.




Gary L



May 18, 2013


Auburn, MA


What a great meet & greet!  Met a lot of new people  from the “ORG” and renewed a friendship from SW 2.  Got the flag, log and map from 2012 FLTRU  BIGBLUE. And feeling the pressure already.  In touch with Crabby from PEI to arrange next turnover - more to come


Ron Workman (Workman)



May 31, 2013


On the move again - out of North Berwick @ 7:00AM 


Met Mike at Dysart's Truck Stop - signed Flag .  (0930)


Ron Workman



May 31, 2013


Met Workman @ the world famous Dysart's Truck Stop and wished him Good Luck going to Canada and hoped they let him back into the states.




May 31, 2013


Rode from  Bankor - after meeting Mike and having breakfast, to Campobello, Roosevelt’s vacation home and then to St George for the night - what a beautiful day.


Turn the flag over to DMcBiker for a very short possession.  Irony - the first Canadian (as far as I know) takes possession in St George to start the flag on its cross Canada Trip.  Stopped in Lubec Maine, the easternmost town in the USA.


Ron Workman



June 1, 2013


In St George ___(?) with Ron Workman.  The flag is now in Canadian hands!





June 1, 2013


Met Workman and DMcBiker in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Had a short ride with the guys to the Pump House Bar & Grill. Workman and I then rode the flag across in Nova Scotia and said our goodbyes.  I now have the flag in Prince Edward Island and making arrangements to get it off to Quebec to continue its journey across Canada.



June 14, 2013


Handoff to Burnout 1818 in Laconia at the 90th Anniversary Laconia Bike Week.




June 14, 2013


Received the flag from Crabby at Laconia HD on June 14, 2013.


Burnout 1818



June 15, 2013


Took the flag to Weirs Beach for pic by the famous sign at noon.  Then off to Mount Washington for a pic of the flag on the summit.  Crossed the Canadian Border in Quebec and will handoff flag to Dreamrider (Peter Brophy) on the 16th for another part of its journey.  Was a short possession of the flag but very proud to say that I received it on the 90 year @ Laconia and took it to the top of Mount Washington.


Burnout 1818



June 16, 2013


Received the flag from Burnout 1818 in Roxton Pond Quebec Canada on 06-16 -2013


Drove (ride) the flag to my home on the South Shore of Montreal.  Was a very nice ride home!


Peter Brophy (Dreamrider)



Summer has arrived :)


June 21, 2013


Will be passing off the flag to Rajah.  He will be heading west into Ontario to pass it off to the next forum member.


Got coffee brewing and cold water in the freezer for this AM handoff - Sunny HOT!


Great day to ride off into the sunset…  


Safe Travels Rajah (AKA Rick)


Peter Brophy (Dreamrider)


June 21, 2013


Left Gananoque Ontario early this morning for the 575km (360 mile) trip east to Montreal Quebec to pick up the flag from Dreamrider (Peter) .  Arrived at Peter’s house & got the tour of his “man cave” …  Nice job Peter  (and Natalie)! BuddyRM another forum member arrived & the 3  of us had coffee, took some photos, shot the shit and then headed out together eventually splitting off in our various directions.


Tomorrow I head out for Whitby Ontario  to meet Brokenarrow (Gordon) for the final leg of my flag journey.  2 days and 1075km (672 miles).


It has been a privilege carrying the flag as it continues on its journey.


Rick  (RaHah)


June 22, 2013


Met Rajah at Mackie’s Harley Davidson in Oshawa to pick up the flag 372km round trip.  Half of it in the rain.  Posted pics.


Took the flag to bike night at Clare’s Harley Davidson for pics at the local dealer.  My good friend Wayne wanted to see it so took pics with his Harley Davidson sign.


Took the flag back to the US on July 13 to Gowanda Harley Davidson for the New York State HOG Rally.  Took pics at dealer then crossed back into Canada same day (400 km)


Hopefully hand flag to Ken (Hotrodad) on this Thursday for the trip to Shark Week 3.





July 18, 2013


After several days of very hot and humid weather I rode from Orillia, Ontario to meet Brokenarrow (Gord Brooks) @ Jaycox Harley Davidson.  But first we had to quench our thirst with a couple adult beverages @ Jack Astors.  We did the “ceremonial” flag hand off with assistance from a customer at Jaycox Harley Davidson and the sales administrator (who also has a RG - 3 in fact) 


The weather looked very threatening so we had to cut our visit short.  It is only a 1.5 hours ride home for me but I thought there would be extreme weather for sure + warnings for TORNADO

At least it wasn’t A SHARKNADO warning!






July 21, 2013


Rode with Don W (Cyclops) up to Washago through Roma visit with my Dad with whom I used to ride with until he sold his bike due to poor health.  He was always a GoldWing guy but loves my RG.  He even took it for a spin when I bought.  Any way I showed him the flag and map and log book.  He was very impressed!  

“Ride: on he says!


Ken (Hotrodad)



July 21, 2013


I spoke with Peter (aka Dreamrider) this morning.  He and Nat are leaving tomorrow for their journey to Utah for Sharkweek III.  We are all very excited.  He and Nat will have a nice leisurely ride there but mine will be a bit more rushed since I have to work this week.  :(





July 27, 2013


Packs and ready to roll for Sharkweek III!  Headed for Detroit border, south on I-75 to pick up Westbound I-70.  the flag rode with me only to a couple of spots - nothing exciting.  Very disappointed no interest for a meet & greet w/flag but not many forum members in Ontario except for the obvious few that participated.  


Meeting with Don W (Cyclops) at Tim Horton’s for 4AM kick stands up!   - Crossed into USA @ Ambassador Bridge (Windsor/Detroit) missed our turn for I-70south forced off ramp to U-turn into a neighborhood affected by Detroit’s bankruptcy!  No traffic lights working - several once thriving gas stations boarded up - very sad for people living there - Ride 1500 km  I-70 South


Most overcast skies half the way with maybe an hour of rain/drizzle.  Cool riding required a jacket (and rain suit) through St Louis now.



July 28, 2013


Roade 1,300 km to Denver through lots of rain.  App’t booked for rear tire and oil change at Mile High Harley Davidson in Aurora Denver.


Hotrodad (Ken)



July 29, 2013


Good people at Mile High Harley Davidson (thanks to mechanic Matt) for helping fix my heli-coiled drain plug - unfortunately took all day to get the helicoil drain plug + repair.  Short ride out of Denver west on I-70 to Silverthistle Town.  Too late in the day to be on the highway.


Hotordad (Ken)



July 30, 2013


SHARKWEEK 3 in  UTAH!  Rode through the Colorado Rockies and on to Utah with Don (Cylcops) - It got hotter the closer we got.  Clear skies all of the way.


Let the festivities begin!





July 31, 2013


Ride to Zion & Grand Canyon - WOW-!





August 1, 2013


Poolside fun after a short run w/Cyclops to Nevada State line for Beer & gas!  After serious consultation with SW 3 organizers and previous discussions with Calgary Glide, it is decided I pass the flag and secret to Troy (aka CalgaryGlide & Moose).  It goes on back into Canada to finish the journey.  Ride on!  It was a pleasure & honour  -  Ride Safe.


Hotrodad  - Ken



August 2, 2013


Received the flag and secret at the banquet last night from Hotrod Dad.


I am honored to carry the flag back to Canada to continue its journey coast to coast in 2013.


Riding today with Dukk (John Jenkins) a fellow Canadian and Wooden Nickel (Steve Nickel) north home to Canada.


Rode to Pocatello Idaho today.  We ran into HUTMO (Chris Hutter) at a gas stop today.  Hutmo was taking US Rt. 50 home to Pennsylvania.  Quicksand, Dmize & Brewiz also in Pocatello tonight.


Great steak dinner at restaurant next to our hotel with John & Steve.


Troy Duncan (Calgary Glide)



August 3, 2013


1st stop at local Harley Davidson dealer in Pocatello then continued North on I-15.  2ns stop Harley dealer in Idaho Falls.  Lunch in Dillon Montana @ Sparkey’s Garage.  4th stop @ Copper Canyon Harley Davidson in Butte Montana.


Last stop of the day, Helena, Montana, Steve’s hometown.  Stayed at Red Lion Hotel, very fancy.  THANKS STEVE for the Hotel Room.


Troy Duncan





August 4, 2013

“Run for the border”

John and I departed Helena early for the 90 mile ride to Great Falls.  This is a beautiful ride!  Great twisties outside of Helena.  Stopped for breakfast @413’s in Great Falls, same waitress@ 8 days ago.  She remembered us.  100 miles to the border, Alberta bound.


We’re back in Canada eh!  Stopped for a picture with the flag at the “Welcome to Alberta” sign with John and Both bikes.  Lunch in Lethbridge @ Montana’s  J


Roade home to Calgary trying to beat a storm coming in from the West.  No gas stop, push on straight thru.



Dropped John off at 16:00, pulled into my garage at 16:30 dry buy running on fumes.


Troy Duncan




August 25, 2013


Meet @ Balzac for 1.5 hr. ride to Meet & greet @ Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson in Red Deer Alberta.


Flag and secret will be passed over to Maddog 69 (Drew).


Drew tried desperately to organize riders to move the flag across Ontario, MB & Sask so I think he deserves to carry the Flag westward to British Columbia.


Troy Duncan





August 25, 2013

I was shocked when Calgaryglide told me he brought the flag back into Canada from SW III.  He asked me to plan a meet because he was now going a on a family vacation.  I sent out PM’s and posted ads on ____(?) calling on all Alberta Sharks.  We had a great gathering in Red Deer with 18 RG’s.  Met lots of local members Dukk/Stephen RG / Jonneu  /  Calgaryglide/Maddog69 all attended.


Once again, I was shocked he passed the flag and secret onto me.  I’m more than happy to carry the flag west and to pass it on.  We met a lot of guys in Red Deer and hope to meet more in Kamloops BC

Brent 376, Connector, TDAWG and Dog Pound, are some who will show.




August 31, 2013

We are westbound 7AM.  Maddog69, Tom and Horhayt.  Ha-ha  this is classic 666km’s  / 431 miles to Kamloops.  Other than crazy cages it should be good day 29C/84F degrees.


Thanks to all who helped get the flag to Canada.  I put a few pins, patches and keychains in with the RG Flag contents.  Please feel free to take any Canadian tokens.


Safe Travels to All




August 31, 2013


TDWAG, CONNECTOR, IRONWORICER97 (?) , A couple of non RG’ers and I C Brent 376 now have the flag.


Great meeting the Alberta, BC interior contingent, Maddog69 Good for you to make the West Coast swing happen.


Awesome heading out of town, another Road Glider (non-member) escorted us to a great little highway.


Dinner at an old hotel (est 1908) and a couple of pics.  Homeward bound.


12 hours on the road.  The flag is tired.  A few meet and greets this week and then off to Seattle.


Brent 376







September 2, 2013


Meet and Greet at Deeley’s Harley Davidson in Vancouver British Columbia.  6 members, Brent 376, CONNECTOR, Dougly, Ironworker97, Scrappy D, and I (TDAWG).  Two new signatures on the flag.  The flag made a tour of my firehouse for the nightshift.

Tim Blackburn  - TDAWG




September 7, 2013


Brent 376, CONNECTOR and I plus 6 non RG’s day ride to Downtown Hharley Davidson in Renton Washington.  “Union Ride + Charity Rally” signed up a new member, Seattle Fire Fighter.  Missed the meeting to pass the flag.

Tim Blackburn  - TDAWG



September 26, 2013


“Sea to Sky Highway” Nice ride thru Whistler BC.  With 2 new members “Huss” who bought his RG five days ago and Nick.


Tim Blackburn  - TDAWG




October 8, 2013


Vancouver to Portland or 508 km, 300 miles

Thunder + lightning + rain  passed the flag to Sawshark at Latus Harley Davidson.


Tim Blackburn  - TDAWG

November 2, 2013


Beaurcreek Oregon to Weed California meeting Gaszo19 @ Mt. Shasta brewing Company.  350 miles through Heavy Rain, Hail and Win.  Great adventure!  Flag passed on.





November 2, 2013


Left Reno Nevada at down with the temperature below freezing, Doobros and myself road to Weed California to meet with Sawshark and take custody of the flag.


Chuck - Gaszo19