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Road Glide National Rally 
Flag Journal 2011

Note from the editor

The following entries are from the Road Glide National Rally Flag Journal.  The journal has been used to record possessions of the Road Glide.org National Rally Flag as it is passed from one forum member to another.

I made my best effort to decipher the handwriting at times it was impossible.  ___________(?) means that the handwriting was unreadable.


If you see any glaring errors please contact Chris Hutter to alert him of the necessary changes.


July 5, 2011


The idea for the Roadglide.org flag came from the internet motorcycle group, The Road King Riders (A Delphi Forum Group).  For the past five years their flag has crossed North America, carried by members who carry the flag to meet others from the group, document the travels, make new friends and then entrust the flag to the next person to do the same thing.  I carried the flag from Ely Nevada to Pittsburgh PA during the month of July 2010.


The experience was so positive that I decided to propose to the Roadglide.org  group to do the same thing.  Everybody thought that it would be a good thing so forum member Chainsaw (Neil Olivier)sold T-shirts to fund the project.  The membership as a group designed the flag.  The latin phrase stands for “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, a tribute to what we see in our bikes.


The flag will make its first official journey on July 14th, 2011mon the Hutmo Lincoln Highway Gypsy Tour which will go from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg.  In Gettysburg the group will meet on July 14th to officially dedicate the flag.


Starting on July 15th, 2011 the Roadglide.org flag will begin its never ending journey with the goal of bringing people together.


Enjoy the flag...Share the flag...Pass the flag on.


God Bless

Chris Hutter (HUTMO) - Pittsburgh, PA

PS:  Can you find Cleo the Bull Terrier?  She’s on the flag somewhere.   

July 16th, 2011

I, Ron Cushing, AKA Stray Mutt on the forum was surprised and pleased to be given possession of the Roadglide.org Flag at the first official dinner at the first official “Shark Week” gathering in Gettysburg, PA.  I guess the fact that I had traveled approximately 6200 miles to get to Shark Weekas part of a crazy goal to hit all 48 Continental U.S. States had something to do with that.  All of the attendees at the dinner signed the flag and then it was entrusted to me.


I took the flag on its first interstate journey as several Shark Week attendees traveled from Gettysburg through Maryland and Virginia on into the Shenandoah National Forest.  Along the way we spotted a giant shark , and of course we had to pull over and get a group shot with the flag and the shark.  The ride along Skyline Drive was spectacular.  Following this I took the flag into Delaware as part of my quest to knock another state for my 48 state tour.  That done, the flag returned to its place of origin,Gettysburg

Ron Cushing

July 17, 2011


The flag departed from Gettysburg on July 17 with me as I continued my run through the 48 states.  We traveled through Maryland, Virginia and hit Highway 50 in West Virginia, A road that the flag wants you to take it back for another ride.  Down through Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. (not in one day) From the south through Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma (where it endured temperatures up to 108 F)  on into Kansas, where I met its next recipient, Chainsaw.  The secret was passed along and I know Chainsaw will enjoy the flag...share the flag...protect the flag and then pass the flag on.  It has been my great pleasure and honor to have carried the Roadglide.org Flag.


“Stray Mutt” Ron  July 21, 2011

July 21st, 2011


I was very happy to see the Roadglide.org Flag show up at my doorstep along with  a “Stray Mutt”.  Ron looked very sunburned, yet still full of energy after being on the road for a couple of weeks.  I fed him some cold beer, steaks and potatoes and all of the fixings in trade for a nice evening of listening to the story of his journey thus far.  Early the next morning I was lucky enough to escort him to  Colorado, state number 46 in his 48 state journey.  I am currently trying to decide what direction I want to take the flag , and to whom  I would really like to pass the flag onto.


All for now , 

Chainsaw (Neil Olivier)

September 16th 2011


This has been a very busy summer for not only myself but for the person I chose to hand the flag off to.  I will now pass the flag and its secrets off to Sancho, someone I have wanted to meet since the forum began.  I will take the flag down Highway 83, to Oklahoma and down to Abelience  TX.  It's been an honor to get the flag, and I am sorry it took so long to pass it on.  


Don’t forget to enjoy the flag, 

Share the flag, protect the flag 

and pass the flag.

Neil “Chainsaw” Olivier

September 16 2011


Left for Abilene from Harlingen, TX to receive the flag from Chainsaw.  A 534 mile trip.  I met up with Pistokcha and his wife in San Antonio who accompanied me to Abilene.  It turned out to be a great trip and enjoyable weekend with Chainsaw, Pistokcha and their wives.  Truly some fine people!



October 15th 


Met with Pistokcha at South Padre Island who rode down from San Antonio to enjoy SPI Bikefest.  Pass the flag to him.  Another great day, some fine people on the forum!The flag has now seen the Gulf of Mexico. 

My honor to have carried the flag!



Dave J

October 15, 2011 through November 19, 2011


10/15  I received the “Road Glide Flag” from Sancho in South Texas at Padre Island.  We enjoyed the SPI Bikefest with 30,000 other people and celebrated with beer & seafood.  The flag took its next leg of its journey to San Antonio Texas.  The flag traveled from S.A. TX to many  places and numerous HD Dealerships.  Some of the stops have been Bandera, Leakey, Kerrville, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, Austin, Bastrop, Lockhart, Temple, Waco, Dallas, Ccarrolton, Lewisville, Round Rock, - - - Many in between.  Dealerships...alamo, Caliente, Gruene, Cowboys Austin Central in Round Rock, Horny Toad, Waco HD, North TX .  Texas is big...Lots of Miles! I enjoyed each and every trip.  On  November 19, 2011 I passed the flag to Jimmy Ray pf Woodlands TX.  Jim will have many more stops for the flag.  The next leg of the journey begins in Columbus, TX


Thanks to Sancho for passing the flag to me.  Thanks to all you put this project together


Enjoy, Share, Protect & Pass on

Rod Pistokcha


November 19, 2011


Met Rod Pistockha in Columbus TX at Shobels for lunch.  Great guy, great lunch buffet with desserts.


Headed home in the rain.


Flag and I arrived safely in the Woodlands, TX.


Jimmy Ray  AKA James Reynolds