Event and HOTEL RESERVATIONS are now open for the 2024 RGNR in St George Utah

Go to the Sharkweek Link on the menu above and then go to registration and select the link for the registration form. It is important that you register
 for this event because it helps us plan accordingly.


After you register for the event go to the link for the RGNR Hotel to book your hotel room.



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  RGNR 2024

  Emergency Response Team


The RGNR Emergency Response Team will respond to crisis or a medical situations that involve our members.  If possible and depending on the location, ERT members will attempt to get on site.   If this is not possible, they will phone/video conference with those involved.  Once alerted, ERT members will contact our board and the 2023 RGNR host listed below.

IMPORTANT:  Once the situation is assessed by the ERT, the emergency contact of the involved attendee(s) will be notified.  Please make certain you have accurate emergency contact information on file.

LINK:  Williamsburg Area Hospitals 

In the event of a situation, please contact one of members listed below.  

Emergency Response Team
     Richard Pittman
     Donna Spence
     Tim Marshburn

RGNR:  Williamsburg Host
    David Holland
    Stacy Holland

Road Glide National Rally Non Profit Board
     Chris Hutter
     Ron Cushing
     Tracy Basham
     Richard Pittman